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If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where marijuana use and possession are legal, you might want to read this post  where I talk about buying weed online. For those who reside in less enlightened zones, I can only offer my commiserations.
Please don’t take anything on this site as an encouragement to violate your country or state’s existing laws.
As a side note, should you be interested, I’ve written This Post on gift suggestions for a stoner friend or family member.

Cannabis or Marijuana, What’s the Difference?

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Buy CBD Oil Online. Best Brands Reviewed.

Where Can You Buy CBD Products Online – And What Is The Best CBD Oil?


CBD, the Wonder Drug of the New Millennium.

If you visit my Medical Marijuana page, you’ll read where I discuss many of the medicinal applications of Cannabis. Notably, the main therapeutic ingredient, CBD or Cannabidiol.

For those of you who prefer to watch a video, I’ve sourced this one here for you.


There have been a lot of misconceptions over the last few years around just what medicinal cannabis can do for us. Many people are understandably concerned about using a product that’s been demonized to the extent that cannabis has.

We’ve all seen footage and read about parents of children with terrible, debilitating, conditions having to resort to breaking the law to give their loved ones the relief that cannabis preparations can afford. I guess many of us have also wondered at the wisdom of dosing ourselves or others with a product that was usually associated with spaced-out hippies or doped-up addicts.

Which brings us to the question;

Can CBD Get You High?

Well, the short answer is no. Most users of CBD, especially in medically controlled doses, report a slight feeling of general well-being and relaxation. As for the euphoric effects associated with THC, the main psychotropic ingredient of marijuana? Well if that’s what you’re seeking you’ll be sadly disappointed. The effects of CBD oil are mild indeed compared with most common pain-killers, relaxants, sleeping potions etc being prescribed today. And as for the unwanted side-effects, such as kidney disease, liver cirrosis, addiction, well they don’t seem to exist at all!

Of course, research is still an ongoing thing, so it’s possible there may still be evidence to be unearthed. At least though, with governments worldwide now allowing laboratories to perform this much-needed research we at last have the chance to know for sure.

In the meantime, we can finally start turning to what many are calling the newest Wonder Drug for low-risk solutions to the myriad physical and emotional conditions that are largely untreatable using “conventional” medicines. All we need now is worldwide legalization of medical cannabis products!

If you’d like more info on the exact difference between marijuana and hemp, there’s a video here that will explain it all in greater detail.

Understanding Cannabis from Stacey Phillips Pitts on Vimeo.


So What Forms and Brands of CBD Oil are the Most Efficient?

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20+ Gifts for the Stoner in Your Life (That You Can Afford)

 Need to buy a gift for a stoner boyfriend or girlfriend?


Here’s a list of marijuana accessories to give you some inspiration.

1 X Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray (LT46) by FujimaMost of the items in this list are available from Amazon, or, in some cases from wholesalers or other suppliers. I’ve given links wherever I could so you don’t have to search. All items shown here were available at the time of publication. I can’t give prices, as these will change from time to time.

Amazon is always adding new things, so other similar items may be available when you visit the Amazon site.

You can browse our suggestions here, or check out  Amazon’s “marijuana accessories” page.

(Yes, they do have one!)

Depending on where you are in the world, cannabis products may or may not be legal. Please don’t take my comments or endorsements as encouragement or sanctioning of marijuana usage; be it for medical or recreational use.
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Is it Safe to Buy Weed Online?


This post deals with buying weed or marijuana products online.


Marijuana - Should you buy online?
.                 A Mature Cannabis Plant                     .

Depending on where in the world you live, recreational marijuana use may, or may not, be legal. Medical cannabis products are legally available in many countries, even some where casual use is still frowned on.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the pros and cons of buying your stash online.


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