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 Need to buy a gift for a stoner boyfriend or girlfriend?


Here’s a list of marijuana accessories to give you some inspiration.

1 X Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray (LT46) by FujimaMost of the items in this list are available from Amazon, or, in some cases from wholesalers or other suppliers. I’ve given links wherever I could so you don’t have to search. All items shown here were available at the time of publication. I can’t give prices, as these will change from time to time.

Amazon is always adding new things, so other similar items may be available when you visit the Amazon site.

You can browse our suggestions here, or check out  Amazon’s “marijuana accessories” page.

(Yes, they do have one!)

Depending on where you are in the world, cannabis products may or may not be legal. Please don’t take my comments or endorsements as encouragement or sanctioning of marijuana usage; be it for medical or recreational use.


We’ll start the list with a couple of smoking implements. Let’s face it, all tokers need at least one in their arsenal.



marijuana water hammer
Mini Glass Hammer Water Bubbler Green Bone Ready to Burn


Here’s a cool little bubbler. This one’s just four inches long, will fit easily in your pocket, and is made in the USA. The glass is thicker than most similar pipes, so less risk of breakage if you aren’t always as careful as you should be.

A smooth hitter, and looks cool too.



DT Mya QT Hoohak 14″


Now here’s a super cool hookah! Made from acrylic, it is strong and durable. Not indestructible, of course, but definitely able to take a lot more punishment than a glass unit.

Standing at 14 inches, and available in a choice of colors, it’s not the cheapest you’ll find, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.


How about a Vape Pen or Dabber?

Vaping or dabbing are certainly not exactly new. However, many folk still aren’t aware of the many benefits of these delivery methods.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the obvious health benefits of avoiding inhaling smoke along with its various cancer-causing byproducts. The other is superior taste and also a much more predictable high.

I’ll be publishing a post on using vape pens and dabbers for both recreational and medicinal use shortly. For now, you can choose from any of the informative posts at VaporNation.com

I found vapornation.com to be a veritable goldmine of info on all things cannabis. They also have a truly great range of products from bongs, hookahs, etc to the latest technology in vape pens.


Something for the Home Gardener


Now, most marijuana users will probably – at some time or another – think about growing their own weed.

Picture this – a secret garden of your very own where carefully-tended cannabis plants are going about their business of producing dank, tasty, and potent buds of kush just for you!

Not the gardening type? Maybe you just need the right kind of inspiration. If having your own continuous supply of killer buds isn’t going to motivate you then I don’t know what will!

Lacking the right kind of horticultural know-how? Well, this book could be the answer to your prayers.

It’s available either as a hard cover book or as a digital download version. To see the pricing details, follow the link below the pic. If you’d prefer the print version, with all the glossy photos etc, scroll to the bottom of their page and the details are all there. Personally, even though it’s not cheap, I prefer the hardback format but at least you have the choice.


How to grow the best weed / marijuana
How to Grow Elite Marijuana


This book by Ryan Riley is quite simply the BEST Cannabis Growing guide out there!

Click Here for the Download Page and More Details


Growing Elite Marijuana covers everything you need to know about cannabis cultivation and care. From selecting the right strains, setting up your growing environment, to maturing and harvesting your crops, it’s all here.

There are sections on every stage of the growing phase. There’s also heaps of useful information on storing and curing your harvest, decarbing your buds, and preparing delicious edibles that will blow you away.


Speaking of which…

Keep Your Marijuana Edibles Safe
Edibles Safe – Lockable Food Storage Box for Edibles and Medical Marijuana Edibles (Green)

If you happen to have youngsters (or untrustworthy housemates) around, you’ll need one of these. As we all know, Marijuana Edibles can be dangerous in the wrong hands. You can keep all your medications safe from young hands with this lockable storage box.


Images were supplied with co-operation of the manufacturers or wholesalers. Not all items may be available at any given time, and are served as suggestions only.



Marijuana Dreadlock Beads
4 Green Dreadlock Ceramic Beads Marijuana Dread Hair Accessories


If you or your Significant Other are into dreddies, decorate yourselves and show your canna creds with these dreadlock beads. Made from ceramic, they could also double as macramé beads if that’s your bent.



1 X Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray (LT46) by Fujima
1 X Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray (LT46) by Fujima


This cool looking dude will definitely set the mood at your place. The ashtray’s made from resin, so will take a bit of punishment without being damaged. There are heaps of similar ashtrays on the site, but I chose this one as I think he just says it like it is. (or should be)


Large Black Rasta Leaf Stash Box - Raw Accessories Bundle, 6 Pc. Bundle, 4 Compartments
Large Black Rasta Leaf Stash Box – Raw Accessories Bundle, 6 Pc. Bundle, 4 Compartments


Here’s another storage solution. Not lockable, this one, but it has loads of features and extras. Comes with an airtight jar, a pack of papers, tips, and a small but well-made grinder. There are several styles, including a gold or silver leaf patterned box, and others. This would make the prefect gift for a relative newbie, or even your untidy or absent-minded flatmate.  Check the Amazon site for more.


Good Sized Herb Grinder
Cool Herb Grinder Set for Weed, pot, Spice, and Tobacco: Large 4pc, 3.25 inches Tall, Metal Crusher with Pollen/Keef Catcher and Smell Proof Marijuana Container, RED.


This unit is available in Red, Gold, Black, or Silver anodized finish.

The Grinder is made from Aerospace grade aluminum and the airtight storage jar in Stainless Steel.

Boasting one of the largest capacity grinders around, this kit also includes a secret compartment holding a smaller, pocket-sized grinder to carry with you.

Excellent value for money, and even comes with a money-back guarantee.


Book Safes.







Now here’s a great gift idea! These storage boxes come in a range of styles – designed to look just like your favorite book. Cover styles could include Harry Potter, James Bond, any novel you can think of. You can even have your own photo and name on the cover and a unique message added.

Inside is a steel lockable safe. The whole thing is designed to blend with other books on display in your home.

These and many other items available on the Amazon Marijuana Accessories Page.


And something else for those who grow their own…

LED growing light for cannabis cultivation
Lightimetunnel 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants


A great 300 watt growing light. Being LED it operates at a much lower temperature than HID or similar lights.

It has three fans, (most similarly-powered lights would only have two) giving superior heat dissipation.

The “Daisy-Chain” function allows you to connect two or more lamps together without the need for extra power cords or wiring. Really helpful if you need to light up a large area.

A well-built, quality unit. Visit Amazon for more details on this and also other growing accessories.




There must be dozens of clothing items on Amazon’s Marijuana Accessories page. From socks, (shown below) to T-shirts, shoes, belt buckles, jackets… I’m sure you get the picture.

Pretty much any clothing item you can think of can be found with a “herby” theme.

Marijuana patterned socks
Casecover Wholesale Unisex Socks  Combination Pack (7 pair-dark color)
marijuana belt buckle
Wild Pot Leaf Marijuana Belt Buckle Stoner Leaves Gonja


cannabis playsuit
Forplay Women’s Way Up
Cannabis Cap
YOXO Hip Pop Marijuana Weed Green Snapback Cap Hat Men Baseball Cap











How about Man’s (or Woman’s) Best Friend? Does your pooch deserve a nice stoner collar?


Cannabis dog collar
Buckle-Down 11-17″ Vivid Marijuana Leaves Stacked Dog Collar Bone, Medium
by Buckle Down



These dice caught my eye. A definite attention-grabber.

marijuana patterned dice
Set of 5 Marijuana White Dice Round Corner Opaque 16mm Green Spots in Snow Organza Bag



How about some room deodorizer, for freshening up the home after a heavy night?


Smoke Smell Be-Gone! Smoke & Odor Eliminator for Home, Office & Car. Natural Non-Aerosol Air Freshener 1.1oz (33ml), Lemon Scent (Pack of 2)


Keep your secret stash just that – secret – with this cool stash can.

Looks and feels just like a real can of green tea, but has an inner lining and a secure screw-top lid.


Green Tea stash can
Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash


And here’s another stash box…


Buddha Cannabis stash box
“Zen” Buddha Book Stash Box – Raw Accessories Bundle, 8 Pc. Smoking Bundle


How about that musician friend of yours? This cool guitar strap or plectrum set would make their day!

marijuana plectrums
Guitar Pick 3 Pack – Green Pot Leaf on Black
Cannabis Pattern Guitar Strap
LM Products PS-4MJ Silk Screen Guitar Strap, Marijuana.










Well, there’s a few suggestions for you. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for a great gift for your stoner friend or friends, and that you found some cool ideas in this article.

Please visit the other pages and posts on marijcanna.com via the menu at the top. (If you haven’t already)


A Thousand Thank You’s for visiting our site. Please tell your friends. May your days be filled with sunshine, and your nights with sweet dreams.


Your friend,


Ken Stoner, Editor, marijcanna.com

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