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Hi, and thanks for dropping by.Ke Stoner; Marijuana and Cannabis Facts

I’m Ken Stoner, owner, author, and editor, of marijcanna.com.

There’s an old saying that goes “If you can remember the sixties, you weren’t really there”. Well, I do remember the sixties, though I have to admit there wasn’t a lot of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll at my grade school.

The seventies – now that’s another story…


I’ve been a professional musician and part-time writer for most of my life. That’s in addition to various day jobs where I supplemented my income and avoided starvation.


I set up this site – Marijuana and Cannabis Facts – for a couple of reasons.


Firstly, because I have a genuine interest in setting the record straight, so to speak, about some of the misconceptions surrounding cannabis and marijuana use.

The medical applications of cannabis products are largely unresearched and they’ll remain so until hemp, in all its forms, is made legally available once more. (see my Home Page for more on this subject)

Add to that the fact that so long as we have to buy our stash from illegal dealers we are open to being up-sold to other, more risky products. It’s also a bit tricky asking for a refund when your latest buy turns out to be oregano!

I’m a strong advocate for Marijuana Law Reform, and as this site progresses I’ll be organizing petitions to various State and Federal Governments on this issue. If you want to be kept in the loop, please leave your details in one of the comments boxes at the foot of each page. All comments will be moderated, and no email addresses will be shown publicly.

The second reason was, well, I love writing! Along with my music, it’s been the one thing that’s kept me grounded all these years. I started a travel blog but found it a bit hard to stay motivated. A friend gave me the idea for marijcanna.com and sometimes helps me with the research etc.

Anyway, thanks again for visiting. Feel free to browse my site and leave me a message if you have any suggestions re content etc.

Please share the love with your friends, and support the sponsors. Without them, I’d struggle to keep this site going.

Speaking of sponsors… if you’re feeling extra generous, you can drop a donation in the collection plate via the PayPal button below.



Anything, even the odd Dollar or two, will be greatly appreciated.


So, bye for now, I hope you find something of interest here.


Cheers, Ken.



  1. Helen Doyle says:

    Well Ken, as they say, ‘If you remember the 70s, you weren’t there!’ So true. Sometimes though, something jogs my memory and I relive those heady days.

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