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This post deals with buying weed or marijuana products online.


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Depending on where in the world you live, recreational marijuana use may, or may not, be legal. Medical cannabis products are legally available in many countries, even some where casual use is still frowned on.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the pros and cons of buying your stash online.


So, Can You Safely Buy Weed Online?


If you happen to live in a state or country where casual toking is legal, the answer is “probably”. The main point here is whether you know and/or trust your potential supplier. My advice is to only part with your hard-earned if you, or someone else you trust, has dealt there in the past.

Yeah, I know, it’s obvious, but sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious – if you get my drift.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories about ordering anything online and never hearing from the supplier again. It’s happened to me, and it’s probably happened to you or someone you know. Personally, I never buy online these days without going through PayPal or a similar service. At least you can apply for a reversal if your precious buds never arrive. Genuine case study here.

Of course, not all online weed dealers are scammers. Just like not all politicians are crooked, but some would say the proportion is about the same.

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in Uruguay, (The first country to actually completely legalize pot). Canadians are well on their way to having totally legal marijuana. One result of this is the huge numbers of online dealers popping up, despite the fact that the legislation is yet to be finalized. The one proviso seems to be that you’ll have to show Canadian residency before you can get yourself onto their database.

One such merchant is BuyWeedOnline.ca. And yes – before you ask – I can vouch for the quality and reliability of their offerings. Their prices may not be the cheapest but the quality and service are excellent. You know what you are getting, and can buy with confidence.

I know of at least one online seller on the US west coast that offers what sound like great deals online. However, they will only sell if you pay in advance by wire transfer, and appear to have no business premises. Need I say more?

where is cannabis or marijuana legal?
US Cannabis Laws – State by State. This image courtesy of  Argaia Capital https://seekingalpha.com/author/argaia-capital/articles#regular_articles

Many online “dealers” use a burner app to create temporary phone numbers. These numbers are deleted without trace as soon as they’re no longer needed. They’ll send text messages, nug photos and send or receive phone calls to answer questions and set up the “sale”. Once a deal has been reached and you’ve deposited money into their account, that’s the last you’ll hear from them.


After a bit of research, I’ve found a large number of pot dealers advertising their wares online are scammers!


Another issue potential buyers have to face is the DEA or whatever policing authority you have to deal with in your part of the world posing as dealers in various sting operations.

If you follow this link, there is an article on using a weed map to find a legitimate medical marijuana dispensary in your area. (Assuming you’re in the US – I’m not sure about other zones)


How to grow the best weed / marijuana
How to Grow Elite Marijuana

Of course, you could Grow Your Own. I’ve already mentioned this on the Welcome Page. Just in case you came here direct, here is a link to what is, without doubt, the best book I’ve seen on the subject. Take a look and see for yourself.


If you’re serious about being able to freely buy weed products online, the most productive thing you can do is lobby your local member and/or their party and make them aware of your feelings. Nothing will change until we force the politicians to listen and act on public opinion.



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